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Are drivers dependent on technology?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Crashes |

Over the years, technology has overtaken our lives. From how our homes function to how we drive our cars, technology has certainly become a helpful tool, but it has also made us dependent on it. For many, that dependency means they are unable to remove themselves from touching the radio, their phone, or other devices when driving. However, because the dangers of tech are so difficult to measure, tests have been conducted where researchers are virtually inside the car to see how drivers are losing focus.

Driver-assisting tech

The use of mobile devices is a clear and present danger for drivers, often leading to a crash occurring. However, there is another thing within a vehicle that may cause as much damage. Driver-assisting technology was never really trusted until just a few years ago. Improvements in technology have allowed people to become so confident with these features that they often allow the tech to dictate how they drive. One example includes automatic emergency braking systems, which can fail drivers if they are covered by too much dirt or water.

Adaptive cruise control

Although smart features such as parking assistance should not be relied on 100% of the time, much of the damage from resulting crashes are minor, with fender benders often being the result. However, there is one feature that is both convenient and dangerous. Adaptive cruise control is often used when driving on the highway or for long periods of time. It allows the vehicle to maintain a set speed so the driver does not have to continue to brake and accelerate. The issue here is that drivers begin to become dependent on this tech, thus removing their attention off the road and onto other devices. This could result in a crash that injures occupants of other vehicles, and if you were a victim of one, you might find it advisable to discuss your situation with an experienced attorney.